Add to Bet

Add to Bet

The Add to Bet feature allows you to add new picks to your existing open bets.

You now have the option to modify your bet, without having to place a new wager. Wherever the Cash Out option is available, you’re able to add new picks to your existing Bet Slip instead of placing new bets.

Once a new bet is placed via the Add to Bet feature, the original open bet is cashed out and the Cash Out amount is used to place your newly modified bet.

When taking advantage of the Add to Bet feature, choose an open bet from ‘My Bets’ and ‘Open Bets’ to modify. You will see both your original picks placed as well as your newly added picks.

Your new wager will be the same as the Cash Out amount on offer at the time of adding your new picks and original picks will be placed at the current odds at the time of adding.

Terms and Conditions
  1. Add to Bet is available only on unsettled Single Bets and/or Parlay Bets (excluding System Bets) in respect of which Cash Out is available, and where at least one of the selections has not been settled. 
  2. Add to Bet is available only if the Cash Out value of the eligible open Bet is equal to or greater than the minimum stake amount of the new Parlay Bet which would be created by adding the new selection via Add to Bet. 
  3. When a patron selects the Add to Bet feature, the selected eligible open bet immediately becomes the subject of a Cash Out and the newly created Parlay Bet, which is comprised of the bet picks found in the eligible open bet plus the additional bet pick/s chosen using the Add to Bet feature, is placed. 
  4. The wager of the modified bet shall be equal to the Cash Out value of the eligible open Bet. The modified bet shall be placed at the odds at the time of use of the Add to Bet feature. 
  5. If one or more picks of the eligible open bet have already been settled, such settled selections shall not be included in the Modified Bet. 
  6. These T&Cs are subject to Betway’s General T&Cs and Betting Rules. 

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