Use your PayPal account to deposit funds to your gaming account. You can complete the transaction using either the funds in your PayPal balance or using the bank account that is linked to your PayPal account.

Once you make a successful deposit, the PayPal account you used will be associated with your game account and you cannot use any other PayPal account to make deposits or withdrawals. You have to use the same PayPal account for all deposits and withdrawals from your game account.

Deposit transactions are processed instantly once PayPal has approved the funds.

You cannot use any credit card linked to the PayPal account to make a deposit.

Your PayPal account must be a 'Verified' account to be able to complete the deposit transaction on our gaming site. 

Once you click "Deposit," another window will pop up prompting you to log in to PayPal. Proceed to log in and finalize your deposit. 

If you click "Deposit" and nothing happens, you most likely have pop-ups disabled on your mobile browser. Please see the steps below on how resolve this.

On iOS:
  1. Launch "Settings"
  2. Select Safari
    1. If you are using another browser like Chrome, select it from this list instead of Safari
  3. Under "General," find the toggle switch for "Block Popups" and toggle it off
  4. Go back to the Betway site, refresh the page, and select "Deposit" under PayPal again and you should be directed to their sign in page via the pop-up
On Android:
  1. Open the Chrome app
  2. Tap "More" in the top right
  3. Tap "Settings," then "Site Settings," then "Pop-Ups"
  4. Turn pop-ups on by selecting the slider
  5. Go back to the Betway site, refresh the page, and select "Deposit" under PayPal again and you should be directed to their sign in page via the pop-up

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